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Prospect Information Form


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Information Please enter the requested information. If you have additional questions, please e-mail us at enroll@utoledo.edu or call the office at 1.800.5TOLEDO.

Required - indicates a required field.
Information Please type in your name using a mixture of upper and lower case letters. You may leave the Suffix field blank, but if a suffix is part of your legal name, enter one of the following valid suffixes: I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, Jr, Sr.

Prospect Name
First Name: Required
Middle Name:
Last Name: Required

Information Please provide your complete mailing address. Always include applicable apartment number on same line as (and after) street address (preferred), or on the line above the street address if it does not fit. Enter your phone number in the following format: Box 1=area code; Box 2=7-digit phone number; Box 3=extension (if applicable).

Primary Address
Valid From: Month Day Year (YYYY)
Until: Month Day Year (YYYY)
Address Line 1:Required
Address Line 2:
Address Line 3:
State or Province:
ZIP or Postal Code:
Phone Number: - (xxxxxx)-(xxxxxxxxxxxx) (xxxxxxxxxx extension)
International Access Code:

Information Please indicate your date of birth.

Prospect Birthdate
Date of Birth:Required Month Day Year (YYYY)

Information Please indicate the semester in which you intend to enter the University.

Prospect Entry Term
Term of Entry:Required

Information Please provide your primary, personal e-mail address.

E-Mail Address
E-mail Address:Required
Verify E-mail Address:Required

Information Please select your intended major or field of study from the pull-down menu.

Prospect Major

To select more than one Prospect Interest, hold down the control key (Ctrl) as you click.

Prospect Interests

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